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Mecrus operates in the mining and resources sector through Mecrus Resources.

Mecrus Resources as a private Australian company is serious about its mineral and petroleum exploration projects and the potential economic benefits that they could bring to the state of Victoria.

Mecrus Resources holds a number of Exploration Licences across Victoria covering a substantial land area. Mecrus' Exploration Licences are primarily located in areas that are low population density. Mecrus has applied for Exploration Licences in these specific areas, based on a broad assessment of geological factors in these regions. From this assessment, Mecrus has an indication that there is potential for all mineral resources to be found.

The Exploration Licence applications lodged by Mecrus in Victoria are general in nature at this stage. The purpose of the exploration work is to determine the nature, location, and extent of the resources that exist in Exploration Licence zones. The next step would then be to undertake detailed economic, environmental and social assessments to determine whether the benefits of recovering the resource provide sufficient return to justify the investment and delineate the features that may affect their economic extraction.

As mineral Exploration Licences are granted, Mecrus begins a low impact exploration. It includes a wide range of activities such as desktop evaluation of existing geological data, soil and rock chip sampling, ground-based and airborne geophysical surveys. The collected information will be processed and the data interpreted to identify potential mineral targets. Environmental assessment is a major part of this evaluation process. In most instances, this process takes about two years.

Typically, once desktop analysis has been completed – and in the event that Mecrus wishes to proceed with exploration following that analysis – the company will identify a small number of properties on which it seeks to undertake geochemical survey as the next stage of its studies. It involves the collection and analysis of small quantities of geological materials such as soil, rock chips and stream sediments. If low impact exploration activities have been successful in defining a target then further exploration is usually undertaken, which may include drilling.

Mecrus understands its duty to consult, and endeavours to establish and maintain open and transparent communication with the community, to ensure a trusting relationship throughout the period of these Exploration Licences. Mecrus understands the sensitivity for landholders of exploration activity on their property, and will always seek to work collaboratively with them and minimise any disturbance associated with its activities. Proactive community consultation is also an important element of the Mecrus exploration process. Mecrus endeavours to establish strong relationships with local communities and to communicate openly and effectively, as its projects evolve.

North East Victoria

Mecrus was granted a mineral exploration licence EL5196 in February 2010, covering an area of 492 sq kms in the Thoona/St James region north of Benalla, and to the west of Wangaratta. EL5196 has been renewed for another 5 years. On 23 August 2011, Mecrus was granted a mineral exploration licence (EL5316) to explore an area of 500 sq kms to the north east and south east of Dookie. The primary exploration targets of these two EL's are for gold, silver, platinum, base metals and the possibility of other mineralisation occurring in the area. Mecrus continues desktop analysis of the area and is now also in discussion with landholders in relation to the possibility of drilling on their properties.


Mecrus applied for and were granted three mineral Exploration Licences in Gippsland, in April 2013. These include two exploration areas (EL5256 and EL5257) in the Shire of Baw Baw, covering an area of 1000 sq. kms. These two EL's were amalgamated into EL5256 (an ongoing EL) in August 2014. The primary exploration targets are for gold, silver, platinum, antimony and base metals. The third exploration licence (EL5119) covers a small area of 33 sq. kms to the north east of Mirboo North. The primary exploration target is for Bauxite, kaolin and base metals.

South West Victoria

Mecrus first applied for mineral Exploration Licences in South West Victoria in July 2010, with three applications (EL5299, EL5298, EL5297) in the Glenelg and West Wimmera shires in areas between Casterton and the South Australian border. A further two applications (EL5350, EL 5351) in this region were lodged in April 2011, and a sixth (EL5377) was lodged in August 2011. In July 2011, Mecrus resources also lodged five applications (EL5371, EL5372, EL5373, EL5374, and EL5375) for land areas in Woolsthorpe, Broadwater-Hawkesdale, Heywood-Macarthur, Cobden and Gravoc. The EL's 5372, EL5374 and EL5375 were granted on April 2011 and were amalgamated into EL5372 (an ongoing EL) on May 2014. Initially, each licence covers an area of about 480 square kilometres.

Mecrus also holds the rights to explore for conventional and unconventional oil and gas in one Petroleum Exploration permit (PEP174) in the onshore portion of the Otway Basin in south western Victoria.

The current Exploration Licences in South West Victoria are for non-metallic commodities. Mecrus has ruled out coal and coal bed methane as exploration targets, and these have been specifically excluded from its exploration licence applications in South West Victoria.


Mecrus Resources

Exploring the potential of mineral deposits throughout Victoria.

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For further information on oil shale please view our oil shale information booklet (PDF 871KB).

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Since the formation of Mecrus Resources in 2007, we have broadly investigated Australia settling initially on Victoria, applying for a number of mineral exploration licences and a petroleum permit across a number of areas within the state.

  • Protecting the environment is one of Mecrus core values. Mecrus actively consults with local communities and works with other key stakeholders to minimise disturbances to land, vegetation, water, air, natural habitats and surrounding communities.



Mecrus Resources as a private Australian company is serious about its mineral exploration projects and the potential economic benefits that they could bring to the state of Victoria

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