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With a wealth of processing experience from many industries the MECRUS team brings a fresh strategic approach to processing in the Agribusiness industry.

The Mecrus team approaches each new situation without pre-conceived ideas, allowing them to make a clear and unbiased evaluation of existing practices and to come up with innovative solutions.

The two foundation principles of the Mecrus processing system are the introduction of a continuous improvement strategy and a preventative maintenance strategy.

Because Mecrus works with performance based contracts, it is in their interest (as well as their client's) to ensure the assets are operating to optimum efficiency. Using the key principles from their broad processing experience, the Mecrus team builds continuous improvement into their client's system. The program is reviewed regularly; existing tasks are revised, new tasks added and redundant tasks removed, in order to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The preventative maintenance strategy translates directly into higher unit throughput, reduced unit costs and increased profits through improved equipment reliability and availability.

When implementing a preventative maintenance program, Mecrus makes an assessment of the benefits to the business and what it will add to the bottom line. Every plan is tailored to individual business needs. By planning equipment repairs in advance the Mecrus program ensures there are fewer breakdowns.

The Mecrus life-cycle system brings together preventative maintenance and scheduled servicing and results in less unscheduled down-time. It has the additional benefit of forecasting and levelling out maintenance budgeting.

Parwan Valley Mushrooms is a joint venture between the Mecrus Group and one of Australia's largest fresh produce marketing companies - Perfection Fresh Australia. Mushroom production commenced in 2011 in Australia's newest multi-million dollar highly automated and state of the art mushroom farm.

This facility is situated at Parwan near Bacchus Marsh, in Regional Victoria, and incorporates the most advanced mushroom production equipment and computer management systems available in global mushroom production. Custom designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by the Christiaens Group, the world's largest supplier of turnkey mushroom farms, the facility will initially produce around 50 tonnes of mushrooms per week. Its infrastructure has been designed to readily enable the facility to be expanded to a planned capacity of 100 tonnes per week.

Parwan Valley Mushrooms will be the fourth largest mushroom farm within Australia with nearly 10,000 square metres of mushroom growing area under cultivation and will employ more than 80 staff.

The mushrooms are grown in a compost medium which is prepared offsite in three phases (blending, pasteurising and spawning) before being delivered to the farm and loaded into the growing shelves within the twelve climate controlled growing rooms at the Parwan facility. As the mushrooms grow they double in size every 24 hours.

Parwan Valley will harvest mushrooms all year round, with an average daily yield of approximately 7 tonnes. The mushrooms are harvested progressively from small buttons, to cups and flats - all from one crop. The first harvest at Parwan Valley Mushrooms began on Thursday 10th May 2012.

Parwan Valley Mushrooms

The key to Mecrus' effectiveness is people working as a team. Any Mecrus project manager at any site can tap into the depth and breadth of experience of their colleagues, in order to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. If required, a specialist from the Mecrus team can go to the site to help solve the problem.

This collaborative process draws on the substantial knowledge of team members in order to come up with innovative ways of solving client problems. Client companies that engage Mecrus to operate or manage their facilities can benefit from drawing directly on these resources in dealing with their challenges.


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Practical application of Mecrus’ capabilities to Agribusiness processing.

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In Agribusiness MECRUS offers

  • a fresh strategic approach to processing
  • an unbiased evaluation of existing practices
  • innovative solutions
  • a preventative maintenance strategy



Mecrus brings a fresh strategic approach to processing in the Agribusiness industry.

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