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Issue 3, Spring 2011

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From the MD

When a company aspires to expand or grow, they are rarely seen to be going down, but that is exactly the bold strategy of Mecrus Group.

As we expand our visions, in part we look to the ground to discover its hidden resources; whether it is trapped groundwater or undiscovered minerals. The ability of The Mecrus Group to see beyond the visible has enabled vast developments in a time when many other entities are struggling simply to sit idle.

Throughout the past few years, Mecrus Group has shown considerable success within all aspects of the group. These achievements span from MecrusBMHA- FAM new international contracts and the practical completion of Abbot Point Coal Terminal, Desaln8’s Monash Business Award, ABPF safety achievements and Mineral Exploration licenses granted to Mecrus Resources.

Mecrus Group’s capacity to evolve and expand is significantly aided by the talented and highly knowledgeable team who work within it. It is the drive and passion of The Mecrus Group’s employees, along with our visionary approach that allows the company to repeatedly excel.

With each individual achievement we strive for the next, tirelessly pushing for the subsequent milestone. This newsletter presents a chance to reflect on our current successes before they are proudly vanquished.

As we continue to diversify new opportunities as they present themselves. With innovative developments over the horizon, Mecrus Group will continue to strive for futurity in this ever changing and demanding environment.

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