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MECRUS is a wholly Australian owned company whose asset management philosophy is centred on innovative process improvements that lead to superior profitability.

Mecrus provides 'whole of business' solutions by integrating the skills and experience of its dedicated team into the structure of client companies, thereby multiplying the benefits of change across the business.

Performance Based Partnering

Mecrus leads projects with professionalism, taking full responsibility for planning and execution.

The company links its success to the success of its clients through performance-based contracts with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with the client's business objectives. These KPIs establish a partnership between Mecrus and its clients that allows for an agreed sharing of project risks and rewards.

Mecrus' services can be provided to clients in ways that best suit their business. Mecrus can support, manage, run and own assets on behalf of clients. Whatever the arrangement, Mecrus improves efficiencies and achieves economies of scale in order to stimulate growth, drive up revenues and increase profits.

Mecrus' strength is its people. The company has a substantial team with a wide range of skills and experience covering all operational and managerial areas. As stakeholders in the business these people have a commitment to achieving outstanding results. Appropriately skilled personnel are allocated to projects where their skills are aligned to the business needs of clients.

Mecrus introduces multi-functional work teams to client businesses and works with its clients to create a flexible, multi-skilled and highly motivated workforce. This approach results in greater productivity, reduced costs and improved job satisfaction.

The Mecrus team brings 'fresh eyes' and innovative thinking to new projects in order to produce profit-building solutions. With world-wide experience and familiarity with a broad range of industry sectors, Mecrus people ensure that in-depth knowledge is brought to bear on all projects, at all levels of asset management and process improvement.

The skills base of the company consists of professional, semi-professional and trade based personnel qualified in the fields of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, instrumentation and control as well as hydrology and geology. ,

Human resources management, technological management and financial management in complex project environments are a hallmark of the capabilities within the Mecrus team. Functions such as maintenance, plant operations, stores and warehousing, rigging and scaffolding are also available to provide a totally integrated service.

Mecrus has progressive partnering arrangements with specialist service providers in engineering design, finance, construction and commissioning. These complementary arrangements enable Mecrus to offer extensive technical expertise whilst retaining a minimum cost approach.

Mecrus performance based partnering summary:

  • Professional, responsible and accountable
  • KPI's linked to the goals of the client
  • Profit derived from performance against agreed KPI's
  • Flexible, multi-functional employee and industrial relations
  • Skilled and experienced personnel dedicated to delivering exceptional service
  • Needs based contract staffing
  • A structured, pre-planned approach to maintenance management
  • Application of innovative process improvement technologies
  • Exceptional knowledge of maintenance operations in complex process industries
  • Accountable, site-based maintenance teams
  • Excellence in safety performance
  • Proven management systems and processes
  • A commitment to providing services that exceed expectations
  • Quality systems to ISO 9002 standard

Port facility, Rotterdam

Port facility designed and constructed by Mecrus’ global partner FAM.

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Technical Solutions

The MECRUS principles of process improvement can be applied universally and are not restricted to experience in a single sector.

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Service Solutions

  • Operations and maintenance
  • Strategic improvement planning
  • Equipment servicing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Engineering support
  • Project management
  • Project supervision
  • Plant installation and repair



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Risk Management



MECRUS links its success to the success of its clients through performance–based contracts with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with the client's business objectives.

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